Riverside Retreat

- Award Winning -

2006 Remodeling Design Award

This renovation transformed a non-descript 1960’s house into a large shingle-style riverside retreat for the owners. The stairway evolved into a very important circulation hub and now functions as a formal entry point and also as the major convergence of all the horizontal and vertical pathways. The main stair to the second floor was reformed into an expansively curving statement of horizontal and vertical movement and the roof and ceiling were expanded and punctuated by two curving dormers, which bring more natural sunlight into the space.


This master bedroom addition was intended to create a restful second home for the busy, city dwelling owners. The feeling created by the serene views of the gentle ebb and flow of the Lieutenant River, visible through the bedroom’s high arched windows, is echoed by the soft curves and muted colors of the bedroom’s interior. The restrained and comfortable furnishings and finishes, selected by the architect’s project team, reinforce the intended ambiance of a tranquil and soothing country retreat.