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Courtland Arms

- Award Winning -

2021 Preservation Connecticut

Merit Award 

This historic apartment building c.1915 stood derelict and abandoned for 25 years in downtown New Britain, Connecticut before an extensive renovation enabled it to become a showpiece once again. During those years of abandonment, the building suffered vandals, squatters, feral animals, broken and missing windows and  extensive roof leakage. The building now houses twenty low-income families and four formerly homeless veterans.

Our firm sought to honor the building's  classical planning and detailing like marble and terrazzo finishes, dumb-waiter and mail chute. Many of these features were retained and restored during the renovation and contribute to the distinct character of the building.

Southwest Corner Before
Side Elevation Before
Side Elevation Before
Courtyard Before
Courtyard After
First Floor Lobby Before
First Floor Lobby After
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